STUDENT ARTS FOUNDATION is a 501(c)3 not for profit organization established to support the educational and artistic advancement of students. We provide resourceful guidance and aid to students that are passionate about the arts, in hopes of developing their knowledge and creative talents to pursue higher education and career opportunities.


We endorse the spirit of art, because it highlights individuality, creative thinking, dedication, and commitment. All important qualities to fuel their success within any profession they seek.

community & Educational outreach initiatives

Student Arts Foundation firmly believes that art education serves as an important and essential bridge through language and cultural differences. For students, it’s the glue that shapes their understanding of how they see the world, and each other. We feel that giving our youth the tools and freedom to be creative, through the support of the Student Arts Foundation, we celebrate our youth, their families, the schools they attend, and a productive community.


Youths who participate in educational art activities, acquire skills that help them in decision-making, creative thinking and teamwork. The Student Arts Foundation is an organization that promotes learning through enjoyment, and getting a head start on future career aspirations. See how our organization strives to promote the importance of art and education within the community. Click Here

sponsors & partnerships

Student Arts Foundation Inc. is committed to partnering with and gaining support from local and national businesses, religious groups and other non profit organizations that share our same passion for the arts. We host various fundraising events, charity dinners and banquets. Our initiatives combined with your support, will allow the Student Arts Foundation to maintain a consistent and effective presence within the community we serve. If you are interested in becoming a partner with the Student Arts Foundation, please contact us.


Student Arts Foundation Inc. believes that art is a gift within itself, and its purpose is to be shared with the world. Our Foundation is proud to have the support of art enthusiast everywhere. We receive donated art items that are later auctioned at charity art events to raise awareness and attain funding for future scholarships. Most items auctioned are tax deductible purchases. (Please consult with your tax advisor for details about your specific tax situation.) We are always looking for generous donations of art relating items to increase our outlook. If you have any items to donate, please contact us.